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  1. No, you were right. It was bad media.
  2. Let's get right to the point: ImgBurn doesn't work. It isn't functional. It isn't well thought out. The people who made this thing should be tried for crimes against humanity and found guilty. I tried to burn a DVD of some files I wanted to back up. Seems simple enough, right? Bought some DL DVD+R discs, downloaded ImgBurn, installed on Win7 Ultimate 32-bit on my brand new Core i5 with 3gb. Everything went fine. UI is a little stupid, but no problem -- I can still drag files into the file list dialog. Click the burn button ... where's the burn button? Nothing says burn. Oh, it's that three-symbol file-arrow-disc not-a-button button that you didn't know was clickable until you hovered over it. No problem. Click "burn". Get about half way through before I get a big nasty ImgBurn error dialog with all sorts of technical details that don't mean a damn thing to me. Wow, looks like something went horribly wrong. Click OK. ImgBurn asks me if I want to finalize the disc even though the write failed. Now, here's the important thing: it doesn't give me a clear indicator of how much of the burn is done, whether the files burned are usable, or if the disc itself is a total loss. So, I guess and click yes to finalize. Sit while ImgBurn tries to finalize the disc. This wouldn't be such a problem, except that there's no way to cancel this operation. None. There's a power button in the lower-right, but that doesn't appear to be clickable. Nor does it give a good indicator of what it's for. Does it shut down the program? Does it shut down the computer? It's a power button icon, so it must be something related to shutting something down. But nothing happens if I click it. Not even a mousedown/mouseup visualization. Nothing. Can't close the window with the window chrome close button, alt+F4, File > Exit. Nothing. I'm completely held hostage by this unbelievable pile of junk. So I sit. And sit. FOR 45 MINUTES I SIT WAITING FOR IMGBURN TO GIVE UP AFTER 3 RETRIES TO FINALIZE WITH NO WAY TO CANCEL THIS OPERATION. And then comes the icing on the cake: when it's all done, out of nowhere a sexkitten voice screams "OOHHHHH NNNOOOOOOOOOO" and scares the crap out of me. Well played. At least the uninstall seems to work ok. I sincerely hope the board moderator removes this post and bans me so that I will know that everyone involved with ImgBurn is as big a weenie as the idiot developers who cranked out their junk and dared to call it "software." Prove me right, friends.
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