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  1. I don't think the DLE window loses focus if it's just sitting there... only when I'm trying to work in it, e.g. clicking on files. I'll have to try your suggestion, though, and leave it alone for some time to see if it loses focus when idle. Also, I've discovered that keeping the ImgBurn log window closed isn't a workaround after all. I find that the DLE still often loses focus even when the log isn't open. It looks like the focus is switching to the MAIN ImgBurn window... I can see the main window's "X"/close button turn red (as it would if it has focus) even as the DLE's close button turns gray. In any event, when the DLE loses focus, clicking on/in it right away will only restore focus for a moment, before it loses it again. I find I have to either click repeatedly on the window, or sit and wait a good 5-10 seconds before clicking, in order to get the focus to "stick". ImgBurn is the only app I seem to have this problem with. It seems odd that the focus is only switching between the various ImgBurn windows, and not switching to some other app entirely (e.g. the ever-present Firefox or Windows Explorer windows I usually have open at any given time). I suppose it's conceivable that my antivirus or firewall software, or any of several other background apps, could be causing the focus-switching, but then why aren't any other foreground app windows affected?
  2. Hi, In the ImgBurn settings, Build Mode, page 2, Disc Layout Editor options, the option "Set Explorer pane initial folder" is sometimes ignored. If I use the editor several times in a given ImgBurn session, sometimes the Explorer pane comes up with a view of my Desktop, instead of the folder I had selected in Settings. Oddly, the drive the folder in question is on remains expanded in the tree view, so I can click on the folder easily enough, but it's disconcerting that the program displays the Desktop contents instead for no good reason. Fortunately, this doesn't happen very often, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway.
  3. Hi, In the Build Mode advanced Disc Layout Editor, if I select multiple files on the left side and try to click-and-drag them to the right to add to my disc, frequently ImgBurn will only "pick up" ONE of the files for the operation. The graphic shown under the mouse pointer is the system icon for the filetype in question, rather than the usual number indicating multiple files. I find I have to click-and-drag a second time to get the "number" graphic (and the rest of the files). There are even a few occasions where ImgBurn will pick up multiple files... but not ALL of the ones I selected, leaving one or two out (the "count" on the pointer graphic is less than the number of files I had selected). I can work around the problem by clicking the "Add Selected" button on the toolbar instead, but drag-and-drop really shouldn't be acting like this. [Edit: Whoops, I forgot I already brought up this issue once before. Still having the problem, though.]
  4. Hi, When using Build Mode with the "advanced" Disc Layout Editor, I frequently have an issue where the Editor window loses focus, preventing me from doing my work. What happens is this: I'll be selecting files in the left-hand panel (often using CTRL-click or SHIFT-click to select multiple files), when suddenly I see the ImgBurn log window pop to the foreground for a tiny fraction of a second (blink and you'd miss it), stealing focus from the Editor and preventing my mouse clicks from registering. Or, I'll have some files selected, then try to click-and-drag them to the right-hand panel... and the same thing happens, causing my click-and-drag motion to be ignored. This seems to happen a lot if I use ImgBurn to create more than one layout in a session (in other words: open the Editor, select files, close the Editor, burn a disc, open the Editor again, select a different batch of files, etc.). I'm using ImgBurn on a fully-patched Windows 7 Home Premium x64 system, with one DVD burner and one BD burner. I'd consider closing the Log window as a workaround, but I really do prefer to have it open when actually burning discs, so closing and opening it repeatedly in a session would be a pain.
  5. I'd love to see it too, but the author (Lightning UK!) has said he's not interested. Which is a shame, imagine how convenient it would be to automatically generate and burn a LightScribe label listing some or all of the files that were just burned to the data side. AimHere
  6. I found a solution! If I go into the ImgBurn menu "Tools/Settings...", on the "Build" tab, page 2 is an option "Get Shell File Information", which is selected by default. I unchecked it, then tested the Advanced Layout editor again... and now it's instantly responsive! I can CTRL-click on files without it failing to register, and click-and-drag as fast as I want without pausing. It seems that the "shell file information" option is what really slows things down. I'll be using ImgBurn without it from now on (unless a more permanent fix is found). Thanks for your time. Aimhere
  7. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/11738-thumbnail-previews-enable-disable.html Okay, tried that... didn't help. Selecting multiple files in the Advanced Layout Editor using CTRL-clicking is still hit-or-miss, and more to the point, after selecting the files, I still have to hover my mouse over them for several seconds before clicking-and-dragging will grab all of them. (At least the "stack" no longer has a thumbnail after the change you suggested.) The whole file-explorer control just generally seems unresponsive no matter what I'm doing in it. I have found a work-around... if I set ImgBurn to use the Standard layout editor instead of the Advanced one, I can use Windows Explorer to select the files, then drag-and-drop them onto the ImgBurn window to add them to the disc contents. Kind of clumsy to do it this way, but it works better than the Advanced layout editor. I still wish the Advanced editor worked more reliably. I don't understand why it's being so unresponsive? If it matters, I have a brand-new PC with a Phenom II X4 955 (running at 3.6GHz), 4GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, and a GeForce GTX 460 1GB video card, all running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Aimhere
  8. I kind of figured that was the case. It may look like Windows Explorer in some respects, but it doesn't behave quite like Explorer, as my drag-and-drop troubles seem to show. I think the problem is that the control is trying to read file properties (e.g. file types, metadata, generating thumbnails in the background, etc.) as I'm mousing around in it, leading to a general lack of responsiveness when clicking or click-and-dragging. I've noticed it usually tries to include a thumbnail in the "stack" of files I'm dragging, and I think the generation of this thumbnail (from 700MB video files!) is slowing it down. If I select a number of files, point at them, and immediately try to click-and-drag them to the other panel, the control may only show a single file in the dragged stack, or fewer files than I've selected... but if I WAIT five seconds, THEN click-and-drag, it usually shows the correct number of files on the dragged stack. If there were some way to disable this thumbnail generation, or the reading of file properties/metadata in general, it would probably reduce or eliminate the behavior I'm seeing. Aimhere
  9. I'll try. Haven't seen it the last few build-and-burn sessions. I'm noticing general wackiness with drag-and-drop in the advanced layout editor. I might have, say, six files selected on the left side, but when I try to click on them and drag them to the right side, I often will get only the last file I selected (prior to the click-and-drag), or sometimes all BUT the last file I selected. All the files I want remain selected on the left, but the click-and-drag does not pick them all up! Also, simply selecting multiple files on in the editor is often a problem. I like to use multi-select (Shift-clicking, CTRL-clicking) when selecting multiple files. But ImgBurn sometimes fails to register a CTRL-click. Say I have five files already selected, then point at another and CTRL-click. The light-blue bar that tracks the mouse pointer will flash as though I've clicked, but the file is not actually selected. I've discovered that this happens mostly when I QUICKLY move to point at a file and CTRL-click on it. It's like ImgBurn isn't able to track my mouse fast enough to keep up with me... I don't seem to have these problems with Windows Explorer. Only ImgBurn's advanced editor window. Running Windows 7 64-bit for what it's worth. AimHere
  10. Hi, When using Build mode to make data DVD-Rs, I often burn several in a row with different contents. I'll burn a disc (with verify), then go back into the disc layout editor (using Advanced mode here), and delete everything from the layout in the right-hand panel. Since the last burn was successful, I also delete the actual files off my hard drive in the left-hand panel. Then I select and drag a bunch of NEW files into the right-hand panel, close the editor window, change the disc label, and click the Build button to burn it. Lather, rinse, repeat. Sometimes, though, after clicking "Build", the log window then shows one or more warning messages "Skipping nonexistent file/folder"... for the files that I just deleted from the layout editor! If I cancel the burn, and go back into the layout editor, the files I deleted ARE still gone from BOTH panels, as they should be. ImgBurn shouldn't even be trying to read them anymore, as they are not included in the layout. So why is the app complaining that they are missing? It doesn't do this all the time, but when it happens, it always leaves me wondering whether I selected the correct batch of files for the current disc... The other issue also has to do with the Advanced layout editor. Sometimes I'll select a batch of files on my hard disk (in the left-hand panel), drag them over to the right-hand (layout) panel, drop them... and nothing happens. ImgBurn makes no attempt to add them to the layout. So I have to do it again. I have no idea why it doesn't register the drag-and-drop operation. Running version on Windows 7 64-bit. Aimhere
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