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  1. When verifying against an image file, I get several miscompares, but if I say to continue anyway, it later tells me that the drive probably corrected (sometime) because it's wrong in the image file. Does that mean I can safely ignore the miscompare?
  2. The discs are Taiyo Yuden, brand new out of the spindle. The errors also were not random; they occured on a fixed interval, and they appear in the exact same fashion with a different film on a different disc. Is it possible that some bug was introduced in this latest update? Yes. Are those logs stored somewhere??or will I need to attempt another burn?
  3. I backup my movies with DVD Rebuilder. Two separate movies came out with problems: the movie would skip, freeze, and go blocky every several seconds throughout the movie. Finally I tried burning the same ISO image with DVD Decrypter's ISO write and it worked perfectly. I should also note that I never had this problem until I upgraded ImgBurn.
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