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  1. LUK, Thanks...... Thank you also for your guidance and assists throughout the years. Be well...
  2. Ahab, Doesn't have to be a freebie. Are you aware of ANY software that will accomplish this? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your replies and guidance. Copy protection is not an issue in my current challenge. It appears what I am seeking to do cannot be done at this point, at least not without intermediate time-consuming steps and degredation of quality. I will continue to research and then post any meaningful solutions to others who may be interested. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for your response. Is there any merit to: "MKV can retain chapters, but not menus. Use Imgburn to prepare a DVD folder from your ISO. Then you will have everything intact." A quote from aother posting elsewhere. Thanks.
  5. I am in the process of converting several ISO of DVDs to MKV, primarily in an effort to conserve HD space. While the ISOs without menus have been easily converted, those with menus are a challenge. I would like to convert ISOs with a menu to MKV and maintain the episode menu in the process. While seeking a solution, I have read creating a DVD file in ImgBurn would be a step in such a conversion. I have attempted to do that, but my efforts have proven fruitless. Question: Is it even possible to convert an ISO from a DVD to MKV and maintain the menu structure? Question: Is the suggestion of creating a DVD File using ImgBurn worthy of consideration in that regard? Thank you.
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