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  1. @ Rincewind Thanks man! Great reply and I simply appreciate your help. All I can say, Thank you. @ ianymaty Likewise thank you VERY much, used this programme for ages now and always got along no problems? Well not many as it usually tells you if something HAS gone wrong! (Excellent sound effects!) But first time in several years I have used or even looked at the forums and like so many GOOD programmes the forums are full of GOOD people! Thanks to you I now feel I can complete this with little loss of discs?? And I have recently "ripped" some music so am quietly confident I will be able to do that.......(what is that about FAMOUS last words?) Regards chris
  2. Hi Rincewind, yes the discs are a language course and I wished to convert them to a DVD as it would be easier to carry them around and I had thought play as well. The course is some 15 discs! And so is a little cumbersome! But as say one or possibly two DVD's a lot easier? And as I say I am a bit NOT very wordwise with these things! So yes I think you got it right from my rather poor attempt. Shows you KNOW what you are about to me! So not an easy thing to do then eh? And suggestions please?? Regards chris
  3. Hi, new at this so PLEASE bear with me? I have several tracks on several CD's and wish to transfer this to a SINGLE or maybe two DVD's. IS this possible please with Imgburn? I had thought to make images of the CD's and then burn these on a DVD but can I do it? I'm POSITIVE someone will know but while I can fit kitchens...... (Sorry NO log as this is NOT something the prog. provides a log for?)
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