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  1. Here's some info that may help diagnose a tooltip problem that afflicts some ImgBurn users. ImgBurn's very helpful tooltips sometimes don't appear for me. I've read old discussions about ZoneAlarm affecting ImgBurn tooltips, but I don't use ZoneAlarm. However I do use NewsLeecher (NL), and it's somehow affecting ImgBurn's tooltips. I'm running ImgBurn and NewsLeecher 5.0 Beta 6 on a WinXP SP3 machine (two quad-core Xeons and GeForce 9600 GT). I discovered that if NL's progress bars (located in the "connections" pane) are visible, and if NL's downloads are underway, then ImgBurn's tooltips don't work. If I pause NL's transfers (so its progress bars stop moving), or if I minimize NL, or if I move NL's window so its progress bars are completely outside the Windows desktop, then ImgBurn's tooltips immediately begin working again. Covering-up NL's Progress bars with another window has no effect. Sometimes *one* tooltip continues to work - the first one that I used after starting NL. I wonder if this bug is in NewsLeecher, or ImgBurn, or Windows, or ???
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