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  1. Yes, thats what i mean night raven. In the burning windows, u have the option to "delete image after burn". Just make it for files too, when you are bruning a normal data disc. So you can make your option for each job seperated.
  2. Hello Team. For years now im looking for a burn application wich deleted the files after a succesfull job. All programms offers to delete images, but not files. So many times im burning certain files to disc, wich are inside a folder with many many more files. like videos. i burn down videos wich im not watching anylonger, but other videos in the same folder, im still watching. this might be hundrets of videos, and even more left in the folder. and sorting out all the files i have to delete after burning is super anoying. at the moment im copying thos files to a new folder before burn them to a disc, but its still not the best solution. a burning software wich deletes my files after a well done job automaticly would be my dream. thank you for your attention, and have a very nice day.
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