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  1. Hi, LUK I used this program for more than a decade and of course before the predecessor version. I had some discussion with a friend of mine regarding the write speed of BD-R. Yes, you show them in the right window when a disc is in the drive. However, the offered speeds for burning offered are still all kinds of which do not respect what can be used in reality. So the suggestion would be to just filter out the possible speeds the disc allows for burning accordingly. Another strange thing. My Verbatim Japan discs on the Pioneer 209 allow 2x to 12x. When the burn is finished the right window only lists 2x and 4x. Why is that? Last point but I guess this is a stretch. Would be nice if we could have a test option kprobe and OptiDriveControl had. Man, this OptiDriveControl test for BD discs is really nice but also really buggy and needs some tricks to get it started and is picky regarding the right SATA chip.
  2. You can not burn newer media at 1x speed. Minimum is at least 2x speed. If you load the disc in the burner and set ImgBurn to write you can see in the status window which write speeds are supported.
  3. Hi LUK! An early adopter of finds your additions and fixes (not really - there are no real flaws) wonderful. This proggie is ahead of everything for DVD burning and it just improved so much with the "Build" function. Coujo did a great job with his ImageTool but it added another step / another software. Suggestion: Could you display in "Build" mode the read-in Label from the DVD in the "Labels" tab? Yes, I know. It will display it if you click the icon for proceeding but I think it will just make everybody thinking it will not be set while these lines are blank. Just a suggestion. Keep the fabulous work up. Your progs are outstanding! Vid
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