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  1. Oh! Thanks! PS I think I was blind...
  2. Every time I burn disc ImgBurn takes some (5-10) _minutes_ to create "Graph Data". Please, tell me how to switch it off?? I used Nero or Windows internal disk burner before to burn discs, and it were burned immediately. I really do not need that "Graph Data" whatever it means.
  3. I opened [+]TFRMSPLASHSCREEN frmSplashScreen:TfrmSplashScreen and found "Position: poScreenCenter" Then I've scratched my head and change data to "Position: OhBaby!" I think Windows like my kind words and it decided not to display splashscreen at all I think it is easy as one click : )
  4. PE Explorer is great stuff! I've switched off the screensplash in one click. Just wonder why it was so easy I am using portable version of ImgBurn, so I customized SplashScreen to (grabbed from DeviantArt):
  5. Oh my God! I've done little patch to ImgBurn and now I am happy! I really switched off the splashscreen!
  6. Please make /nosplash. PS I sure - people which want to see SplashScreen will not use /nosplash
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