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  1. I am currently burning TDK DVD-R that have 1 in 20 bad disks( I haven't tried these bad disks on another computer yet). I know that ImgBurn cannot burn these disk but my problem is ImgBurn locks up the computer when I try to burn these disks. On these disks, ImgBurn never starts writing. Instead it just hangs on '0' with 'writing leadin' at the bottom. Trying to kill this process leads to freezing my computer and I have to reboot. There is nothing one can do about a badly manufactured disk, but the cancel button on ImgBurn should loop out of all operations. There is no reason to try and 'close' a bad disk or at least give the option to unconditionally exit the program. Please update the program so it can exit a burn regardless of where in the process it's at. After all, the user must have good reason to want to waste a burn.
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