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  1. Here's a screenshot of the linebreaks the one highlighted is the one that was used or the one I selected and pressed continue with...imgburn_screenshot_linebreaks_.bmp
  2. So, I've taken the ISO file with the .mds file and put it on a external harddrive plugged that harddrive into a newer laptop that has updated drivers and a better burner on it and it seems too be burning as we speak. Hope it works. Question on the line break that was set, most of the line breaks that had a green star well all the ones with a green star were 1 cell in size, I previewed the cell and all seemed fine but want too make sure all should be good with the line break. Can someone step me through how too select the best line break there were like 23 too choose from 16 or so that had green stars the others were greyed out. Does it matter which line break from the list I choose? Does ImgBurn give the best too choose from in the list so that any that get choosen would work just fine? Please don't mind if some of my questions are lacking techy knowledge or are too general or not clear just all new too me. My main things are (1) too get a working disc that I can send on too a replicator that will be clear of line break issues as they had issues with a couple of the discs that were sent that I got from a person from my company that should have known what he was doing but may have run into issue with certain programs he was using. (2) ensure the quality is maintained and the best area for a line break too happen is where it is happening.
  3. Hi, Attached is the Log file! Hope we can figure this out. So, I tried burning it with imgburn and this is what came up. ImgBurn2.log
  4. Am curious as to how too resolve the padding issue brought up, seems too make sense. If you all can expand on how too resolve a padding issue or this padding issue that'd be fantastic!
  5. Hi, The file size is 8.54gb and the disc is 8.5gb, it's approx. 40mb over the allotted space for the disc. Everytime I've tried too burn the iso file I get an error saying the file size is too big for the disc.
  6. Hi, how can I resolve this - can you detail steps I could take using imgburn? Yes, it's a commercial disc I need too send the disc too a manufacturer to get replicated for sale. Thanks so much for looking at this and for the input already given!
  7. Hi, I'm new too ImgBurn and am trying too get an iso file of a master which I have both the Audio and Video in two folders in one main folder. I select that main folder it's at 6.45gbs then I click create image select the layer break (dual layer and am using Verbatim +R DL Discs) and it creates an image file that's 8.54gbs big? Why? And then I can burn it too a disc because the capacity I have is for 8.5gbs. Please help!
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