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  1. Thank you very much, these reasons are very well understandable. So, I won't ask further and use DVD+R DL with booktype set to DVD-ROM to be on the safe side. And will use ImgBurn of course Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks a lot for your fast answer - and for your fantastic software!
  3. Hi there, did not found the answer in guides, faq and after searching. Probably I am blind: When creating an CD-ISO with ImgBurn, what media type do I choose? CD-ROM is not listed, so I choose "Custom" - but how many sectors does a normal 700MB CD-ROM have? What file system I should choose for normal data CD-ROMs? In the guides for DVD-Video "ISO9660+UDF" is recommended. Is "ISO9660+Joliet" fine for CD-ROMs? Thanks for your answers, Pyro
  4. Ok, this is an argument So it's not a matter of compatibility with standalone players?! IF they would burn fine, then everything would be ok with DVD-R DL. But I was confused because of the end of the sentence "for Video.". I would have expected "DVD-R DL are garbage in all means" or so... Thanks for your input!
  5. I forgot the most important: I just found ImgBurn at weekend, used Copy2DVD till now, and must say: wonderful prog!
  6. Hi there, I know, this is not a DVD-authoring or a general DVD maker forum but I found this sentence in the guide of cornholio7 -> Creating a double layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn Why not, please? Because it cannot be set to booktype DVD-ROM or what else? I have no clue and just want to clearify here. I favorite DVD-R for all my selfmade videos, I always used Ritek G04 4x or TY 8x only. I need most compatible DVD video disks and the question is now: why not DVD-R DL Thanks a lot, yours Pyro
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