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  1. HELLO to all, I use Qptical Quantum Dl DVDs with Imageburn,everything is fine except one thing! Imageburn will only show that Optical Quantum will burn at 4x through 8x. Now the Optical Quantum website says that they do support a 2.4x burn...i just cant get imagburn to support the disc at there lowest supported write rate of 2.4x in Imagburn. "However useing a differnt program it will support the write rate of 2.4x. dont hold that against me,if i didn't love Imagburn i wouldn't be here asking for the change" Now i have just started useing Imageburn and i love the program and i will continue to use. As far as my question goes can Imageburn support this write rate for these Optical Quantum dl dvds,or can it be added? Or can they create a media code speed editor as a addon?
  2. Hello to all, I have bought a Lite-on 324-99-B dvd burner, and all is fine in imageburn! I would like to know how to disable the smart burn function,if that is possible to do in imageburn!
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