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  1. I'll tell you how I got out of this. First I deleted part of the end in the original. But that did not fix the problem. Now I added a bit of recording to the end, without going to the end of the disc. Now it works. The indexes are sorted out and recognized by other programs, and create a proper copy. I wonder if the sal recorder did overburn. Then maybe other programs aren't accomodating overburn. By the way is it not possible to save this page to computer? My copy comes up all black.
  2. Hello again. Mine has nothing to do with HDD. It's a DVD/VHS unit, Toshiba. Better than the Panasonic alternative. It completed and finalized a valid DVD+RW and then other programs that try to use the disc can't get it all right. No data errors reported on disc.
  3. It's not a TV recorder. Of course it has a processor. "I wouldn't mess around too much after it says it has run out of space." The original DVD+RW was fine. Maybe it had to add new indexes in a different spot. I think all iso builders are not understanding the complexities of + format completely. Or possibly there's a fault in my original.
  4. I would now say that two Sony DVD-Rs that I tried must be defective. They verified but nothing is detected on them. Then all the others I tried, TDK DVD-R and Verbatim DVD-RW, were detected as DVDs, but strange trouble reading at end and detecting times of segments. On DVD+RW burn the times are properly detected but something is wrong at the end too. It does make some difference if I use a + disc. Could try a different iso builder and burner drive. PS: What I notice now is that play problems exist at the indexes/chapters which I created after filling the disc. There's a difference in the way sal player and computer players handle it. I now plan to use + discs if original is +.
  5. Then I don't know what the problem with my results is. Will try further. To copy there was no build, just create image from disc. For writing there are no tabs to set name etc, and it did not use the name I gave the iso, and did not prompt, just named DVD REcording. One thing wondering: When creating my DVD the last thing I recorded (from VHS) I let run until it it just ran out of space and stopped. Any chance that is some kind of overrun that spoils the disc? I even deleted one end title.
  6. Is there a complication changing disc types? I created a DVD+RW and finalized it. Then thought I should burn a permanent to DVD-R because that's the standard. There was no warning or field for adjusting book. By the way how about making the set volume name more obvious. My result has reading problems.
  7. DVD Video. Two movies. If I burn ISO files with a regular burner it's not usable as a DVD.
  8. I could copy folders but don't know how to create a usable combination. And it's not possible to do more than one write session is it. Just simple copying the DVD files doesn't create a usable DVD. This intermediate program is needed to create proper indexes I take it.
  9. Should I make separate ISO for each side? The imgburn would know to put each on its own layer? (What's this about search not accepting four-letter words?)
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