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  1. I have the following problem with ImgBurn I have on a computer a NEC ND-3520A firmware 2.U5. The problem is that when I search for firmware with ImgBurn, it searches rpc1.org for the drive ND3520AW. That is indeed the full hardware name, but it fails to find any result, because in the rpc1.org database, that drive is listed as ND-3520A, not as ND-3520AW !!! So, I think that is a minor bug, but it is worth considering in writing further versions of ImgBurn. Besides one may consider that for NEC and Optiarc drives, a link to http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/ should be mentioned, because Liggy and Dee write wonderful firmwares for NEC and Optiarc drives.
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