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  1. lmao :D


    That almost made me chit in my pants, cause I was just telling Amber the other day that same point! Men go in, get what they came for, then leave. Women gotta visit every store while they are there!

  2. Welcome to the ImgBurn Support Forum Thomas G. McCallie!


    ImgBurn does not burn "VIDEO_TS" folders (VIDEO_TS folders usually consist of .vob, .bup, and .ifo files). ImgBurn only burns .ISO files (aka Image Files). That is why ImgBurn is not seeing your files.

  3. "I tried Shrink in ISO mode with another movie then burned with IMGBurn with NO problem.


    I'm alittle confused. DVD Shrink doesn't really have modes. DVD Decrypter does however. The way to open up ISO files in shrink is by pressing "Ctrl+I".


    Maybe Shrink will have an update later to correct this problem.
    The development of DVD Shrink ended quite some time ago. DVD Shrink version 3.2 is the last and latest version.
  4. btw, isn't it about time you ditched your old cd burner and joined the rest of use in the year 2005 - where we now have DVD burners!
    Nothing like a "polite" smartass. =))
  5. Open "My Compter", then right click on the drive, then click the last tab, which should be the "Recording" tab. On that tab, the first box is what dontasciime is talking about.


    Screen Shot Below:



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