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  1. Thank you for the clarification. I'll consider this a caveat for now. BTW, I never check the 'Delete Image' button unless it's an image I can recreate, so I was more of an annoyance that the process seemed to fail but deleted the image. Most of my 'test' burns use 'Delete Image' since I'm always riding on the edge of a full HD. (Which is silly, since its 500 GB ) I just wanted to notify the appropriate parties should there be something that could be looked at, improved, or at least documented here in the forums. Cheers on the excellent proggie!
  2. Yes, I chose to Delete Image. Which is what I desire should the burn succeed. However, if the burn fails, I would not want it to delete the image. Maybe IB always deletes regardless of the outcome, but it seems logical to me to not delete if there is a failure. I don't have a lot of burn failures, so I couldn't say, offhand, if IB always deletes.
  3. While attempting to write to a DVD+RW disc, several errors occurred during the burn. This is probably due to a dirty or defective disc. At the end of the burn, an error when 'Synchronising Cache' prompted me to retry or cancel. I chose to cancel, figuring I could requeue the image and try with a different disc. However, the image file was deleted even though the burn failed. This was the first image in a queue of 4. Version This particular image was not built with ImgBurn. Here is the log. Prior to burning the image, I built two other images in ImgBurn, so please disregard that at the top of the log. ImgBurn_failed.log
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