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  1. It has now burned fine and works ok in my BD players.
  2. Still the percentage only went up the one time.
  3. I remember but the first time I formatted using spare areas on, the percentage just goes up once and took 40 minutes. It then went straight to burning.
  4. Another formatting question. I formatted a BD 50 in 80 minutes with spare areas on. I tried to burn 46.6GB and the disc was not big enough. I reformatted with spare areas off and it finished formatting after 3 hours then started again. This second time it will complete a format in 80 minutes like before. Is it normal to format twice? It should start burning soon.
  5. Ok thanks. I have a TDK 50GB -RE coming and can't wait to try it. At least I can't ruin a RW disc if something goes wrong. I am just used to having that MDS file with DVD ISO images.
  6. Interesting. So imgburn will know where the start and end of each layer is from reading the iso? I only have a single iso file.
  7. I have a Blu Ray question. If AnyDVD is used to rip a BD to a ISO image for burning to a 50GB BD-RE. How would Imgburn handle the layer change?
  8. ? That is not what LIGHTNING UK said at the beginning. I know it only needs to be done once (just like a +RW). With it disabled the LG disc took something like 4.5 hours and with it enabled the TDK formatted in 40 minutes.
  9. So would you enable fast write to get a 40 minute format instead of 4+ hours then turn it off when actually burning a BD-RE. Then, also have prefer format without spare areas enabled for all burns to max out the burning capacity? I want to be able to get the 23.3GB capacity if I need to.
  10. My data is video only so as long as it plays in a bd player is all that matters. It is more important as I just did a verify on the LG disc which passed but no good to me in my players. I decided to do a verify anyway on the TDK BD-RE I just burned and that passed as well. If I have fast write off what speed would the BD-RE 2x speed write at? I cancelled before the burning started before. I suspect it might be 1x.
  11. I have always wondered about verify. I don't really see the point as it not like the BD-R can be redone.
  12. I got the TDK BD-RE and they are much better. It formats in 39 minutes and burned 22GB in 39 minutes. It plays perfectly on my BD players. I also did a burn on a Traxdata BD-R at 4x and took just 20 minutes. It was doing it at 1GB per minute !!!! That Fast write setting made all the difference.
  13. The disc will still be useful for storing 25GB of data. Unfortunately, Verbatim ones are too expensive (
  14. The disc burned ok in just 40 minutes but doesn't work in the bd players I have (one stutters and one saids no disc). From what I have found out is it seems the LG RE discs that come ith the GGW H20 drives are not too good.
  15. It got stuck on 0x so I cancelled and erased it (took 15 seconds) and enabled fast write. It is now burning at 2.3x.
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