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  1. man it must be a big ass problem to get this added, I thought it made sense and I guess since so many people checked it out, they did too. how much does it cost to get something like this added Lightning man?
  2. I was thinking on this a bit more, and I believe this could be worked into the 'filter folder content' option. Sometimes people put a checksum file directly into the VIDEO_TS folder so it can be checked but obviously this won't burn in there. I prefer to keep the original checksum with the other stray files, perhaps the 'filter folder content' could automatically 'filter' them into the optional folder specified (instead of just 'filtering' them into oblivion.)
  3. First let me say I've been burning discs since the mid-90's and this program is perfect. One thing I really appreciate are the config. options. I really like to use a script to build dvd-video ISO's and was hoping you could add a feature. Nearly all of my dvd's are of old music concerts and the VIDEO_TS folder comes with 2 or more "stray" files like a md5, txt, and images. I prefer to burn dvd's with these "stray" files in an EXTRAS_TS folder, even though I may not need to. Could ImgBurn auto-create an EXTRAS_TS folder just like it makes an AUDIO_TS folder, and put all "stray" files found in the root dir into that folder? I drew up a couple of ways it could work, the 2nd would be useful if someone wanted to call the folder "DVD_ROM" or whatever. This would really be awesome. Thank you for your hard work on this it is definitely appreciated!
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