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  1. This is really not normal. Everytime i reflashed the drive to "max" fw I get better results. I don't understand. If someone could explain to me. I am very frustrated, tired and angry of this.
  2. I still get that sound thought. Sound's like a faulty drive doesn't it? I've tried many empty disc's just putting them in to the driver and waiting approx 2-3 mins and then the sound begins, like a motor. Both AONE and Verbs. The sound apperas as soon as I start Imgburn. It is not normal! I now think this might be the cause of those errors. I have contacted my supplier and requested RMA and I also referred to this thread
  3. Yes I saw that. So you did get better results when you turned off OPC and clear OPC history. But I wonder why it performed better when i reflashed the fw? Do you think i'll have more luck trying those settings now? (SB=ON,FHT=ON,OS=OFF,OHT=OFF OPC off) I know it's most trial and error but sometimes you lose grip and get frustrated. For me it was my first burn with default settings in EEprom showed decent results in Kprobe (verified in imgburn), after that I messed with the settings in EEprom I followed this guide http://www.xboy.se/guider/kprobe-guide (the settings is in the end of the site) and after that I got 5-6 bad burns and some of them didn't even verifiy in Imgburn(when I got bad results from that guide I tried the guide in xecuter forum that was advised from you still with no luck). I then reflashed the max fw and I did get my best results ever. Today I wanted to try to burn another game = back to square 1 Edit: Also what I saw from your test that you enabled FHT and after that you constantly got better result. Might be worth a shot. Also all of your success was with OPC turned off.
  4. That disc i put in was an empty DVD+DL verbatim MKM003 disc. I put in another disc and still the same sound. Sometimes the sound comes up when it verifies the disc or is in the middle of burning process I am sorry i didn't save the graph, is there a way to retrive it back again? "I did say later burns might play up again. It took me 7 attempts from a spindle of 20 to get settings that produced consistent burns." I read your guide here on team-xecuter forum http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74721 and I also saw your tests. My question is: Did you always have "stock" settings? Because when I got that great result (last page) I had everything stock, only smartburn on. I didn't clear OPC. Do you really need to clear OPC each time before you make a burn? Also is these settings recommended for "max" fw? IMGBURN SETTINGS: Layerbreak: Calculate optimal OPC=OFF EEPROM SETTINGS: SB=ON FHT=ON OS=OFF OHT=OFF As stated in the xecuter guide. Because in one guide it's stated you must have OPC off and in this guide it says you need to turn OPC off. Is it possible that the drive is not defect? If there is anyway to know if the drive is defect or not I would gladly like to test that.
  5. Is it normal that the drive make a sound when i put a CD in it? Without burning or anything just putting in the CD and letting it be for 2 mins and then the drive starts to make this noise http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WHYJPSE0 please listen, i really need to know if its a drive problem. Then i will contact the supplier for exchange. You can open the file with VLC. I am asking because i made another burn and this is the result i got in Kprobe. I am sick of this. Date : 2012-01-05 19:59:23 Model : 0-0-1-0 E:ATAPI iHAS124 B AL0S Disc : DVD+R DL , MKM003 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation] Speed : 4x ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1 Scanned range : 0 - 4267009 Sampling count : 246930 Errors : 0 PI Max : 566 PI Average : 10,60 PI Total : 331908 PIF Max : 13 PIF Average : 0,39 PIF Total : 12341
  6. I most definitely will, I think the problem was that i messed with the EEpromm settings when I shouldn't. They were fine as they were "stock". After all my first burn was a success.
  7. FINALLY! After many wasted discs and frustrating moments I finally found the solution, halleluja! So here it goes: What I did is that i flashed back my iHAS back to stock, and after that i reflashed "max fw" again. I never touched anything in EEprom or anything in any settings except that i ticked "Perform OPC before write" as stated in C4's guide. The image burned and verified 100% sucess in imgburn, now it was all down to Kprobe, was it going to pass or not. I did a test and when it came to 99% i was like "COME ON MOTHERFUCKER " and i saw this result Its accepatable and within the range, it could get better but its my best result. Some large spikes but I think ill go with this one. Date : 2012-01-03 20:54:29 Model : 0-0-1-0 E:ATAPI iHAS124 B AL0S Disc : DVD+R DL , MKM003 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation] Speed : 4x ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1 Scanned range : 0 - 4267010 Sampling count : 250622 Errors : 0 PI Max : 51 PI Average : 2,53 PI Total : 79375 PIF Max : 4 PIF Average : 0,17 PIF Total : 5294 thx for all the help lightning_uk, much appreciated
  8. Haha this might sound akward but in the heat of the moment and frustation about losing so many discs I just cracked it and threw it away I reverted the iHAS drive back to stock and flashed it again with "max" fw just to try again, I will come back with results. One odd thing is that my first burn when I opened the spindle and the first disc that was there burned succesfully and I got good Kprobe results (not very good but decent and the game was playable) after that I played with EEproom settings that I got the Uncorreable error, so I thought if I try to revert back to stock and reflash the fw I could have better luck? And I wont touch any settings in EEprom. To many 'I' sorry for the grammar but I() am really tired and frustrated
  9. He doesn't not own any iHAS drive unfortunately, I just grabbed a disc from him to test. Is there anything i can do to fix it or should I contact the supplier for exchange? What do I tell them? That the driver can't "overburn"?
  10. I realised that after i wrote my latest reply, sorry. A friend borrowed me an Verbatim MKM003 disc and i got the uncorrectable error message when verifiying, shall i reflash the max burner fw? Or is the driver damaged?
  11. I only had 10 verbatims, is there a possibility that its a bad spindle? I had one good burn thought. Just look at my kprobe results: result 1: Date : 2012-01-03 02:39:15 Model : 0-0-1-0 E:ATAPI iHAS124 B AL0S Disc : DVD+R DL , MKM003 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation] Speed : 4x ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1 Scanned range : 0 - 4267011 Sampling count : 250550 Errors : 0 PI Max : 862 PI Average : 27,62 PI Total : 865994 PIF Max : 65 PIF Average : 1,85 PIF Total : 57929 result2 http://www.imagebay.us/viewer.php?file=8mlenkkyxluxt6im7b3.png result3 http://www.imagebay.us/viewer.php?file=3lwnoz49c3wy1dbhpe1.png i really dont know what to do, my hands are tied now... i see that in ur test u also get bad kprobe result. How come i even get better result with my aone than my verbatim? :S i saw in ur test that u got better results with aone gold plus then with verbatims in kprobe hows that? Date : 2012-01-02 23:31:42 Model : 0-0-1-0 E:ATAPI iHAS124 B AL0S Disc : DVD+R DL , RICOHJPND01C [Ricoh Company Limited] Speed : 4x ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1 Scanned range : 0 - 4267023 Sampling count : 233745 Errors : 0 PI Max : 187 PI Average : 5,63 PI Total : 174307 PIF Max : 185 PIF Average : 0,33 PIF Total : 10355
  12. ITs verbatim mkm003 singapore made. i clear my opc everytime. i am using windows xp. I had one succesfull burn, after that, none of the 4 discs verified in imgburn. I burn with 4x and Smartburn=ON ForceHyperTuning=ON OnlineHyperTuning=OFF OverSpeed=OFF OPC was off. ive tried so many settings that i cant remember! i tried SM on, FHT on and OHT on and OS off. and so on, please help me? I get so bad results in kprobe to
  13. i tried it again with another new brand disc no scratches anything i got the same error plz help me? I need help ASAP i have wasted to many discs please?
  14. is it because the disc was to dirty?
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