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  1. how safe is it to go beyond 50 / 50 % I assume as I am given several choices I can choose any of them right? I am aware that the star rating etc, but the BLP I am looking at is 64/36 yikes, I know, just that's a natural break in the dvd It wouldn't be noticed while changing the layers.
  2. I know this is an old topic and things have moved on now in dvd land. Its better to have it seamless we all agree. We all agree the head has to move and change to layer 1 So if we set it to seamless, and the dvd doesn't support it, what happens? I assume more and more players support this now. I ask this as I produce dvd for the public use ( on a limited level ) and very very rarely I cannot find a point to place the lbp that when it stops for 1/2 a second it wouldn't matter. and on the same point this current one I have says good, the lowest of the 3 offerings, unfortunately its in the middle of an important scene
  3. ahh so what yer saying is the power calibration error , had already written a bit to the disc, thereby not making it not a blank. i did consider that, and took it out to look, as normally you can see where its been written, i guess it was so small an area it didnt show up to well. Thankyou again for your input and i know you keep harping on about dvd's but i rarely have problems with the Fortis brand, even on xbox360. I do tend to use a 10 bank duplicator but i still need to make the master, i don't have the usb addon. I have since writing to the forum, had to bin all i did and start from scratch, and i am pleased to say all went well this time. Yes using the same brand disc heh i am sure you have shares in verbatim. Actually they are very good discs and i do have a few here in stock. The problem is the customers just pirate the ruddy dvd's anyway . It is about time to see they dropped down in price too. thx again
  4. it has burned fine but the pause between the layers as it jumps i don't like, i guess there is something simple i missed is choosing the chapter point i actually wanted it to add the BLP too.
  5. hiyah i got so many errors i am not 100% sure this is the log from teh one i posted here but it does say the actual error. ; //****************************************\\ ; ImgBurn Version - Log ; Saturday, 08 November 2008, 10:10:58 ; \\****************************************// ; ; I 10:06:39 ImgBurn Version started! I 10:06:39 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 10:06:39 Total Physical Memory: 2,095,852 KB - Available: 1,752,488 KB I 10:06:39 Initialising SPTI... I 10:06:39 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 10:06:39 Found 1 DVD
  6. i just remade the image again, and tried another 3 dvd's power calibration error again so i tried a 4th dvd and now it finally started burning so a power calibration can be a bad media too? a slightly misleading error perhaps ? i dunno but maybe this thread might help others. it hasnt as yet finished, i may well get error when it changes over to burn L1
  7. hi there i havent had any problems with imgburn for like ages, but today, and i swear my computers know i have a rush job on, i am getting the above error. I first set the the BLP to a 57/43 split on disc where i knew i coudl afford to have it jump to next layer. rather than where is suggest in the middle of a sequence at 50/50 i am always consious of having that slight interruption when customers are viewing it back as it changes layer. first i was getting the power calibration error, even though last week i burned another disc fine. so i transfered the image to another computer then i was gettign the l0 zone capacity which i am lost about as to me there is plenty of space on the disc. so as the job has to be out, i remade the iso with the 50/50 split marked good. now i get the error and at a loss how to cure it. i did look through FAQ's but didnt see anything. as this is the first time i have got this error , now i am wondering if its becasuse i updated from 1.23 to 1.29 firmware which i know you guys go a lot on.
  8. i apologise if your accusing me of hijacking, seemed pointless having the same error on 2 seperate threads. i cannot as yet supply a log, but when i do i will start a new thread
  9. Could be but not in this instant, as i made the master It someone weddings
  10. i just found this elsewhere, perhaps i was just unlucky to have a bad disc? Power Calibration error solutions Try another brand of DVD-/+R or DVD-/+RW media. This is the most common cause of OPC errors. Update the firmware of your recorder. Check the manufacturer's website for the latest version. Check your power connectors, loose connections do occur. Don't share power with other devices. It needs its own power connector. If the error occurs with an external recorder, Check the USB cable and connections. Try different configurations, such as taking the DVD-ROM to the primary IDE bus as slave and have only the recorder connected to the secondary IDE bus as master. Clean or have your DVD burner serviced. There are cleaning kits available. Sometimes just a gentle appplication of canned air can remove dust blocking the laser. Replace the DVD burner.
  11. What has changed is i had to repair install windows xp, so wether that somehow messed something up i am not sure. i can burn dvd-r with nero, but this is the first time i wanted to burn a DL since the repair install last week. No hardware has changed, admittedly its a 108 pioneer in that computer, 650w psu , the same blank media i burned many times on. i have bank of 10 112d's that i use to burn many, but i use the 108 to make the master so to speak. I used the search to find OPTIMUM power calibration as this is a new error to me, and only found my thread. Is it possible on the new install somethign didnt get put back right, hence not allowing me to use your new build? indeed if i had not chosen to update from what you say that would have given me the same error. Like i say i don;t use your program much, but it is really useful when building DL discs to get a LBP. All i am doing really is backing up an image left on the computer, i could copy it to this computer and burn it on this writer and previous build to get me out the myer quickly, as as usual sometimes the ,most simplest computer task becomes an all day job. I have to leave this particular project now as i have more demanding work to do, but i do have the latest 1.20 firmware for my writer and as i mentioned before its never been an issue, so logically it must be the repair to xp that messed the writer drivers up somewhere. Any help appreciated, as when i get chance i will need to back to archive the image.
  12. i was merely commenting on that i have never had an issue with your program , until this build. hence me finding the need to look at the FAQ's i never had any errors on the previous build, hence my immediate though of going back to it, but i am aware of the power calibration error as occasionlaly i have had it with other computers and other writers usally with nero as it doesn't like other burning software installed. but thank you for your inputl
  13. yeah i been using imgburn not that often i must admit, but when i do its flawless i updated today to 2,40 as it was newly available and i too got hit with optimum power calibration failed so i returned back to 2.32 and now get hit with power claibration failure when writing the 2nd layer. i have now uninstalled the program, and will read the pink slip
  14. To mess with that answer... I have recently developed a problem where Dvd Decrypter (and Imgburn - tho' I still prefer DD) will write a disk, eject it and THEN throw up the "Incompatible media" error. When Decrypter does it, I eject the disk and swap it to another drive and verify it with IB, the only time one failed to verify is when some "dumbass" (yeah, me!) tried to verify using the wrong image. how do you do this? i wanna know, i want to replicate it. you have special settings? when you burn the dvd's, they do play perfectly well in a set top unit right? you only get the error on a computer right? i have 4 dvd's here with the exact same error, but all 4 play perfectly on a dvd player / tv
  15. disc duplicators melt down? Where do you get 'disc duplicators' out of HDD? It's a figure of speech for things going mental keeping up with a task. i have been looking at 7 and 9 dvd duplicators, and i notice some have 160gb hd in them, that how i got from hdd to disk dupes
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