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  1. There is a freeware version of Macrium Reflect that will create an image backup. I'm not sure if it runs under XP or not, though.

    I can confirm that the free version of Reflect runs just fine on XP (Home, specifically). Ran it on 2 of the PCs at home, prior to upgrading to Win7.



  2. It's just you.


    For fun I installed the latest ImgBurn here on the work computer (XP Pro SP3) - never had it installed before, DVD drive is a reader only so never really needed.


    Sure enough, there is a permission window, 6th one in by my count right after the "Choose Start Menu Folder". Labeled "Ask Toolbar Installation".


    Unchecking all the boxes keeps it from installing. No changes made to either IE8 or FF; nothing from "Ask" in XP's Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

  3. I use the pay-version of Macrium Reflect. The free version only does disc images (I use it on the laptop & 2nd PC). The pay version adds the ability to backup individual files/folders.


    Might be worth a look(?).


    Not sure what problem you had with TI 11 (I used to use TI 10), but one tip I learned was to have the images be saved in file sizes of about 1.492GB - 3 of these chunks would fit on a SL DVD.


    I'll say I've been fortunate and not had to actually use the backups, but they've all been created fine. And Macrium has a pretty easy "Explore image" facility, which allows you to look into any image file with a Windows Explorer-style interface (basically the image gets mounted as a drive). That's worked fine so far.

  4. Hi, i bought some Verbatims DL DVD's ( MKM-001-00 ), The disc shows "2.4x", and in the box says "Up to 6x"


    But imgBurn Supported Write Speeds says 4x.

    That's actually your drive's supported speed with those discs; Imgburn is just reporting it.

    My question is should I "force" 2.4x or go with 4x, or update the drive firmware?.

    Definitely update your firmware - looks like there's a newer version (SB04):



    If you "forced" 2.4x, the drive would burn it at 4x (if that's all that's supported) anyway, so that would have no effect.

  5. I'm bound by UK laws, not those of other countries.




    Jim44, let it lay where it is, it ain't gonna happen.



    Huh? I was replying to hajj_3.


    And, I support LUK!'s statement 100%.


    I guess I'll go back to lurking.....

  6. i'm not good with this stuff. how do i run memtest? i just googled it and downloaded a memtest with iso.


    do i just run imgburn and memtest will operate? what do i do?

    You need to create a bootable floppy, CD or USB thumb drive, and boot to that. Then run memtest from the command line.


    As an alternative, you can try a Windows-based memory tester:



    It was rec'd to me by my memory vendor, for testing my speed settings. Sounds like it might be a bit easier for you to use.




  7. I have used just about any Cd-r to hand out of thousands and only a handful have been failures.


    Hard to say which is best but I have never been a fan of verbatim Cd-r media. Not that they fail anymore than others. I suppose/presume Taiyo Yuden Cd-r will be top notch.

    Funny you say that. Until I finally joined the 21st century and bought an MP3 player :) I was burning podcasts to CDs. The only time I remember having any a significant number of coasters was from a 100-pk of Verbs. There were about 10 right in the middle of the stack that wouldn't burn. I thought it odd, since I've had 100% success with the Verbatim DVDs (thanks to you guys). But different technology, so :unknown:


    My 2 cents. Back to lurking (and enjoying using ImgBurn :thumbup: )

  8. I was testing a very small clip -- to see if a new export process from my movie editor was working. Still, I'm not sure I understand your answer. Are you saying that a small clip of video could be burned to a CD?

    Yes, ImgBurn is saying you could burn that amount of data/video onto a CD. AFAIK, it looks at the amount that you are burning and makes a recommendation as to the minimum capacity disc that could hold that much (CD->single layer DVD->dual layer DVD->HD-DVD->BluRay DVD).


    Or is it that ImgBurn just won't burn a small amount to a DVD?

    It should. I occasionally do the same thing you are doing - create a small test video for trying out some new procedure or whatever, and burn it to a DVD. So far, even as small as a couple of 15-sec clips work fine.



  9. yeah maybe so but the weird thing is that i could burn without any problems before, like 2 weeks earlier.

    Yeah, but you said in your first post:

    I use Verbatim DVD+R 8.5GB 8xspeed Double Layer Advanced Azo now and when I have been burning before I used DVD+R 8.5GB Double Layer 2.4xspeed

    That's exactly what LOCOENG was referring to. The 8x-rated discs that you just started using are too new for your drive's firmware. So you can either go back to the 2.4x-rated ones or get a new drive.



  10. Thanks for the explanation, LUK!


    I've only burned a few DL discs, and wondered about this (I have the "Auto" box ticked), just didn't wonder enough to actually ask :) . I figured there was a reason, now I know.


    Thanks again,


  11. Unfortunately, MeritLine doesn't show disc IDs for all their DVDs - the Verb DL ones being just one example.


    The few spindles of Verbs I've bought from MeritLine have been the "proper" MCC/MKM die, though. :thumbup:


    @mwja627: Unless you have an inkjet printer capable of printing labels directly on the discs (or plan to get one in the near future), go with item #2 on your list. No need to pay for a "feature" you don't need/can't use.


    My 2 cents,


  12. Filter Name: GEARAspiWDM

    File Name: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\GEARAspiWDM.sys


    I wonder what this is. A driver for that white, boxy looking music thingy? iTunes perhaps? An iPod! That's what I was thinking of. *cough*

    Could be. IIRC, the Gear driver I had on my system was from Audible.com's audio book burning app (I don't use iTunes or that white, boxy music thing :) ).



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