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  1. well there, see - I was't aware I could mount the cue file. If I'd known that I would have been satisfied with it. I just looked and windows explorer doesn't give the option of mounting the .cue the way it does with a .iso. How would I mount it? VLC tried to play it and of course couldn't. ah.... I've found a free prog: wincdemu. It does it. a bit miraculously. I point it at the .cue and it mounts it and all plays well. so it must have looked for the .bin itself and found it and ran it. So thanks. I've learned a bit here, from you. To get the best copy use whatever imgburn gives me and if it's .bin .cue I mount it with wincdemu. Lovely.
  2. I don't know what I wanted in those technical terms. If it were going to another disk then I'd say, yes, I want a perfect copy. But as it is destined to go onto a disk to be run by a virtual drive - so's I don't have to go through the hassle of having the thing in the physical drive all the time, whenever I want the game up, and thereby hogging the drive - then I just want whatever will work. So picking between the technologies: 1/2048 and 2/2048 ? I wouldn't know. Perhaps that .cue & .bin output could have served the purpose? I don't know. So what did that other program do, then? It served up an ISO and said nothing about the disk 'not belonging' in an ISO. Presumably because the authors figured it didn't matter, anything it produced would be viable and avoid angry customers.
  3. well how to judge 'correct' ? It mounts and installs/runs the game without fault. what does 'mode 1/2048' mean? I note you are the author of imgburn. Congratulations. A great piece of software I've used for years. Let me be quite clear I am not criticising it. It simply didn't make an ISO for me on this occasion and I questioned this. Since then I've merely reported facts as they came to light. regards, ab
  4. I used Burnaware free and got an iso, no problem. It was a cd - installation disk for an old game: losv. so i don't know what's up with imgburn.
  5. Hi.. I wanted to create an ISO file - that's an image file, right? And I've seen a 'how to' showing Imgburn creating an ISO as an image file. But I got a .bin and a .cue file, no ISO. What's doing? I'm using win10, is that the problem?
  6. Hi.. thanks for the response. Yep, it was easier than I thought. Win10 comes with its own virtual drive it seems, I discovered. I'd have to buy a drive, too, if I wanted to burn double layer disks. I'm getting the feeling that drives are about done, though. That means the day might come when I'll say goodbye to your wonderful prog I guess. That'll be sad. It will. regards, ab
  7. I have this old 6G software ISO on my hard drive and I wanted to burn it to disk. Then I found I couldn't because it is 6G and only 4G per disk. So I've been hunting around to find out how I do that with Imgburn. But I just had a couple of thoughts: . Maybe I burn it but when I go to install it won't install because the installer didn't expect the format it is now in? . Couldn't I mount it right there on the hard drive via a Virtual Drive and run it from there? What would you guys who do this all the time recommend?
  8. I want to burn partition managing software, an ISO, to a bootable disk so's I can boot on it and partition and format this screwed up HDD. The ISO is apparently not bootable. Like Imgburn doesn't say it is so I reckon it isn't. So I will have to extract the files and then get Imgburn to make a bootable ISO from them, right? And Imgburn will get a boot file from my local machine, right? Now if my local machine is Win7 32 bit will that boot file be okay for use on any other kind of machine? Like that boot DVD will boot on win10, winxp, whatever? I think it will but I"m not sure. So I'm asking. But what I am trying to install on that bad drive is Win7 64bit with added USB drivers and that ISO is going to have to be made bootable, too. So's I can boot and install. So will a disk made bootable with an OS ISO on it work okay when created in Win7 32 and used for Win7 x64? I (obviously) don't have much understanding of these boot files.
  9. I have looked at the ''how to" section and followed the instructions I fount there but it didn't work. I have this winxp sp3 disk and I wanted to make it bootable. Copied it as imgburn said, then copied that other file in there. Did all the right things, as instructed, it all seemed to go alright but when I tried to use it I couldn't boot from it. When I tested it with that Winiso prog it said it wasn't a bootable disk. What is the best way for me to do it? Is there something about these bootimage.wma files - do they have to be specific for whatever you've got on the disk? Could that be the problem? This was a Dell OEM winxp disk.
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