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  1. I read the FAQ, but didn't find anything to help with my problem. I am not using the drive in any other way when I use Imgburn. I was told in another forum I had a driver conflict. As I said, when I went back to the prior version of Imgburn, my problem with Brrrn went away. Not being a computer expert, I can't supply more info. Sorry. I am perfectly happy with the version of Imgburn I am using. If the bug is fixed, I will definitely install the newer version. Thanks again for this great software.
  2. I installed version on Saturday. I could not use Brrrn to convert/burn music thereafter. I had to go back to the prior version. I got this message: SPTILOCK: 1,1,0
  3. First of all, I think ImgBurn is terrific. Having middling computer skills, I found the guides to using ImgBurn rather confusing. They seem to be written for people who already understand all the language and know how to use it. I finally went to another forum and found a suggestion for installing an .exe file into DvdShrink allowing me to use ImgBurn automatically after DvdShrink is finished. It works beautifully. Thanks again.
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