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  1. Following Pudah's line of thought, instead of selecting from a predetermined formats, another way might be to use a system like doing a custom format in a spreadsheet where the user enters his preference. Although this will add to the complexity of implementing this suggestion (to what degree I'm not sure).
  2. The format I started out with are from way back in the early EasyCD Creator days and have just stuck with it because I'm used to it, is YYMMDD_HHMM. I would assume this is the short date format you're talking about. However, I'm not to picky because anyway you decide to do it would come up with a unique label which is mainly what I'm after.
  3. Seeing as I can only speak for myself, I'd appreciate it.... . Seriously though, I hope other people would find something like that useful to make it worth your while to implement it. Thanks for your reply Rob
  4. Hi and first off, thanks for all your hard work on this great program and it's predecessor DVD Dec. I've been using ImgBurn since it's inital release to handle the burning of my image files but it's only recently that I've started playing around with the build mode to see if I could use this as my main burning program for doing data backups as well as image files. Now not being a programmer, I'm not sure how hard this suggestion would be to implement (or if you'd see a need to do it in the first place ), but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a button to the labels tab to create the label using the current system date and time so when it comes to cataloguing backups I can distinguish between disks using the label. I realize this is a lazy man's request, but I thought I'd throw out the idea and see where it lands. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into this program. Rob
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