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  1. While ImgBurn is great in most cases, I get quite a few "Reached the end of the file" errors at various points when attempting to backup the Windows "User" directory. Why can't it continue? Better would be an option continue on all errors and log the errors. It's a major pain to wait 20 minutes into a burn just to have it terminated because of this confusing error. I go back, remove the file from the file list, and it then it gets another "Reached the end of the file" error on another file. Seems endless. No problems in any other directory, and the files it complains about are fine. Using latest version, Windows 7 SP1, with latest updates. Blu-ray recording meda. Attached is a typical error screen shot. Other apps are closed while doing the backup. Really would like an option "Never ask a question and skip problem files" so I can just leave it and not have to watch it for errors that stop midway or worse, end the burn prior to completion.
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