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  1. I am new to ImgBurn. What a great product! I have a few suggestions for the "How to create a Windows XP installation disc (bootable) using ImgBurn" Guide: Step 3 says to insert a blank CD. Step 5a "Select the drive with your original XP install disc in it" Is there a reason why Step 3 says to insert a blank CD at that point? If there is, Step 5a should say "remove the blank CD and insert the original XP install disc"; if there isn't, Step 3 should be deleted. In Step 6, the user should be told "if the original XP install disc is in the tray, replace it with a blank CD" I have a sugestion for the software. It now tells the user something like: "all attempts to close the tray have failed. Please close the tray, then click OK. Verification will then proceed.". I am using v.
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