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  1. I have used shrink,and it did well.The img is a little more complex to me.I learned how to use shrink on my own....work's good....but now on the img i need to know on which way to load it.I have img loaded,but having a hard time on how to use it.Do i need to load it to burn with my shrink or go another way?Thank's for any info.....Samuel....ps.i did try to attach a picture and didn't have any luck...Thank's again Samuel.....
  2. I would like to thank everyone that gave input on img.I am kind of new on this,but do like to learn.The pc i have now allows me to learn much more,with a good connection.The more i learn,the more you will hear from me....Thank's again....Samuel...
  3. I just wanted to hear from people and what they thought of the great img.This is a great program,so please join in and have fun....
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