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  1. i am using verb life series and the azo coated one ( 'next step up') http://www.microcenter.com/product/360679/dvdr_dl_8x_85gb-240_minute_disc_50-pack_spindle so no brick and mortar store has thsese more reliable ones? I need them sooner than later for this project, but it is dang good info going forward. thanks btw, on the occasional ones that do not freeze, I DO notice that slight pause, and the preview function in IB was invalluableas I picked it precisely becauee it was on curtain change , so the pause was no bug whup I googled and came up w/ this ... is this it? I notice they are hub/inkjet printable ... do I need a special printer to label thedse or can I put stickers on them? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DT6OWFG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 i notice that this link says it is made in the UAE. how do you kow they are mkm sourced?
  2. thanks. yes, I am using +R DL discs w/ projects about 1:55 ish. My problem is not having a pause at the break, but screen break up and freezing at (around) this point. Can an (improper ) layer break assignment in a DL disc cause freezing and screen break up -- that is pixelating looking splotches of platches .
  3. this disc is 1:56 mins (literally 1:55:46:40) = 116 mins. So half way wd be @ 58 mins. But when I look at the display from IB above, @58 has a value of 1 for padding and 51/49 pct. The other entries above this are 50/50. What does this mean , a value of 1 for padding? Is it the amt of area in the cell before and after this particular displacement ? do we want more or less padding? btw, my discs are usually 90/96+ pct full of data. do I pick an entry with more or less padding? what is padding anyway? is picking a proper layer break in a DL image a way to reduce freezing at this point? googling , found this from 2010... "Here's a direct quote from ImgBurn's author. "The coloured stars will give you an idea of the best place (technically speaking) for the layer break position, but just remember, you're the only one that knows what's going to work best for your movie." 'There is no automatic way of choosing the perfect layer break position and all of the options are technically valid so the user has to select where they personally think is best based on the content of the cells. 'When you select a layer break position you are better going for one that doesn't have fast action on either side as this will accentuate the pause." wow.. so the amt of movement where the layer break is ( less is better) is a (the?) factor ... one question is : how MUCH time + or - around this layer break must not be fast movement? https://club.myce.com/t/choosing-the-correct-layer-break-position-in-imgburn/288093 what i am recording is stage plays for kids theatre and many timeds there is dark when the curtains close... so if I pick a time where there is a dark no action curtain clising, this might reduce freezes? but how much before and after this dark moment needs to be more stil. in movment? after teh all, teh curtains will be moving.... video , gang it all, is all about motion
  4. I am burning a DL image from files/folders fro a video disc, and for whatever reason, no entry is highlighted by imgburn as a suggested layer break , On what basis do I pick an entry? they are all rated as 'average'. BIGGER ISSUE-- I found that about 50 pct or more I get freezes at around the halfway point in thte disk, presumably at this seam or layer break. I cannot figure out what are the relevant factors for this *media quality ? I get this in both verbatim life series and their next one up in quality; i only use verbatims *how the image was created in the video editor...did I write it out after completely rendering it or not ( using pinnacle studio 20)
  5. I had an apparently good burn of a DL DVD ( verbatim) from a dvd image, but an hour into the movie, it froze. this was duplicated on a couple different players as well as on the computer. THE image plays ok in that area, so it is a bad burn. My concern is not the burn, as I know it can happen once in a while, but how is it that VERIFY succeeded and it was still a bad burn? 1) burn said succeeded 2) verify said succeeded, 3) disc played ok until a certain area was encountered in the movie. Since I was going burn many discs and distribute them , I wanted to be sure they are good burns. Is there some good VERIFY parameters ( or write parameters) to ensure that the burn is in fact good? version
  6. what about the options? what are the correct values that s/b put in there?
  7. Is there a current guide to burn a video dvd from a vido_ts folder (not .iso)? I saw the guide created in 2008 , but it makes references to things that are not in the current imgburn.
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