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  1. Ok. I think I know what I did. Many thanks for your help.
  2. Yes I know the log shows the correct number. That was after I deleted them. Attached is a grab of the screen. The pane on the right shows the source Flac files. List of 19 files. The pane on the left is what Imgburn analysed and put into its session. I just know I'm overlooking something really basic here.
  3. Burning a list of FLAC files as an audio disk. Created a Cue file, browsed for the files. There are 19 of them in a folder. Added them using ctrl+a. Then no matter how many times I've tried this, Imgburn loads TWICE the number of files into the browser window; 38 of them. I can delete the supernumerary ones one by one; but I'd appreciate knowing what I'm doing wrong. I've searched around for the answer to this. Apologies if I've missed anything obvious. Thanks for your patience. ImgBurn_21_July_2013.log
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