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  1. Isn't that somewhat worse that OpenCandy chooses a random product to install alongside of your product? How are you to know that the products being chosen for you to install are actually safe and not buggy, malware ridden, adware shilling crap? I made sure to decline such offerings, but the installer would be very misleading to a person who doesn't know much about computers as the option for a custom install without the adware bloat appears to be grayed out but still avalible, going against what grayed out options are supposed to represent in a functional UX. I think that this should be thought out better, unless you are just trying to scam people unknowledgeable people into installing toolbars and other bloat just so that you can monetize. Just saying that this trend is all too common in freeware applications for wintel PCs and it is becoming quite an annoyance and something that drives me and most others away from well written applications like yours due to your poor decision to get in bed with organizations like OpenCandy.
  2. Hey, I'm a long time fan and I noticed that your installer has been tainted by some terrible looking adware (possibly malicious). I use this program a great deal and would not like to pick up any software piggy backing itself onto my machine. Although I was sure to opt out of the adware taint, the whole install process seemed shady and underhanded. I feel that this is kind of sneaky on the developer's part since an unsuspecting user could pollute their machine with this bullshit. I think that this ad serving platform is in serious bad taste and the dev should consider alternate options, such as a paid version of the software that does not include some fly-by-night ad network toolbar and other atrocious adware. Adware like the unwanted and unnecessary software added to the new installer not only will bog down the performance of one's machine but could also install vulnerable software, or worst yet it could drop malicious spyware that could compromise the security of a PC. So I ask the dev, what kind of vetting process (if any) is there for these additional products now bundled by default with the installer? If there isn't a vetting process, how could any of you guys assert that you are developing 100% virus free and safe software? How are we to know that even if you do opt-out that you are not getting some shady applications being pushed to your PC without actually disassembling the installer and the applications installed by the installer? These are all serious questions and they shouldn't be brushed off with "everyone in freeware software does this" because that isn't an answer or an excuse, as a developer myself I would rather starve than fuck up someone else's PC with software bundled in my installer that I didn't even write. I believe that LIGHTNING UK! is a great dev, and he should hold himself and his team to a higher standard and figure out alternatve means for monetizing your product. Best Regards, Rob
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