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  1. You were right. I hadn't looked through more than the first page or two of files. I guess after a while it only burns the file names & sizes. Funny how when I select all the files and right click, it gives me a value of 11.2 gigs. But I figured something can't be right here. Thanks for letting me know. -Mark The log is saved automatically. Look in Help menu. The problem is that on that disc can't be all the info you view since the burn was truncated. You'll see the first part of the photos if you open them in a viewer but when you get to the files that didn't fit on the disc you'll get errors like file missing or something.
  2. I don't know how it's even possible, but I burned an 11.2 gig ISO file (jpg photos) to a Sony brand single layer DVD that is supposed to hold 4.7 gigs!!?? I can read the DVD no problem, open the files, copy them back to the hard drive etc... So, can anyone tell me how that is possible? I was using ImgBurn (of course) and I thought if I sent a large ISO file to be burned, it would span across 3 dvd's. (I found out later that ImgBurn doesn't support spanning) When I started the burn, it said basically the media was too small, so my choice was Overburn? or Truncate to disc size. I chose truncate, and was expecting after the burn, the disc to eject, and ask for the next blank disc. Instead, it ejected the disc and it indicated the burn was complete. I put the disc back in my computer, and right clicked properties, and it showed all the files were there, and the disc was full, but at 11.2 gigs! And completely readable. I tried it again, and got the same results the second time. This is more data than even a dual layer DVD can hold! I didn't think to save the log, but I'm sure I could do it again. Any ideas? Thanks, Mark P.
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