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  1. What are the differences in quality between DVD-R Verbatim AZO and DVD+R Philips CMC Magnetics? the materials are the same then the two disks have the same durability and resistance?
  2. Dvd-r discs verbatim are protected from humidity stored within the Spindle?
  3. I can trust on the originality of this media? how many years of durability has a dvd-r verbatim azo mitsubishi?
  4. this mid id code of dvd-r verbatim pin I posted is fake? Mitsubishi has not written on the label, only the word azo
  5. I can buy these discs? Verbatim Mitsubishi are legitimate?
  6. The packaging of the DVD-R pin has not written Mitsubishi but the ID code of the media is MCC 03RG20
  7. AZO has a durability of how many years? the reflective layer dvd-r verbatim has a durability of how many years?
  8. AZO dye is organic or inorganic? where did you see that?
  9. AZO dye is inorganic? that's true? I've never seen this statement
  10. What is your opinion about these Verbatim DVD-R? are original mitsaubishi? AZO has written in the package what information should I look for the package to see if you mitsubishi azo dye?
  11. This DVD-R Verbatim is good and original? see the link: http://www.linharesvideo.com.br/x__DVDR-VERBATIM--TUBO-C-10-1344.html
  12. what is the best? TDK, Ridata, Sony or Smartbuy?
  13. the brands Ridata, Smartbuy, Nipponic, Philips, TDK what is the best and most reliable?
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