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  1. Hello I have created a MP4 file in Adobe Premier Elements in its own folder on my desktop. Premier Elements automatically creates other folders (Encoded Files, Layouts) in that same folder. When I then launch ImgBurn to burn the MP4 file to a DVD, in ImgBurn do I then select the whole folder with the MP4 file and its associated folders, or do I select the MP4 file only. Thank you. Blueie
  2. Many thanks. So, basically ignore what ImgBurn says? It's not a giant floppy - a short movie on a 4GB RW disk.
  3. Hello ImgBurn is telling me when I insert a blank RW disk: Ready (Disc Not Empty). Does this mean I am unable to burn my MP4 movie to that disk, please? My Windows 10 PC shows the following (attached). There was a movie on that same disk previously but I have used Windows to erase it and Windows tells me the disk is now empty. Thanks for any help. Blueie
  4. Hello Lightening I have tried burning the video to DVD again and this time it worked - no errors. Strange. Thanks for offering to help. Blueie
  5. Hello Lightening Many thanks for getting back to me. The issue is on another PC which I need to travel to in order to access, so please bear with me. I will post back ASAP. Thanks again. Blueie
  6. Hello I am having problems burning a movie to a 4.7GB new DVD. ImgBurn gives the following: Is the problem with the DVD itself and how would I resolve those errors, please?
  7. Many thanks for your reply, Lightning. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
  8. Hello I have been trying to burn a MPG file via ImgBurn for viewing on a TV DVD player. I can see the file just fine on the PC, but not on the TV DVD player. This is what I did: I chose the Write files/folders to disc, then File | Browse for a source file where I chose my MPG file. Then I selected the icon at the bottom of that dialogue-box and it formatted my blank DVD disk. As I say, the burn was successful and I can see it just fine on my PC. Should I have done anything different for TV DVD viewing or does the problem lie with the TV DVD player itself? There is no regional video conflict: I am in the UK and the TV DVD player was bought here and the video is a PAL 25 fps. With other bought DVDs - such as films - the TV DVD has no problem. I am just trying to identify whether I have done anything wrong in the burn process or whether it is the TV DVD that has a problem. Thank you. Blueie
  9. Hello RhoTrux 64 Thanks for your post. It was both: the DVD disk was brand new and I got an error, so ImgBurn offered to reformat it and I said 'yes' and got the error again. I am attaching the log - thanks for looking at it. Yes, I think everything is up to date - the last time I burnt something to DVD (couple of weeks ago) all was fine. Blueie ImgBurn.log
  10. Hello I am trying to burn a movie (4.30Gb) onto a 4.7Gb Verbatim DVD+RW disk. I have tried different speeds (4x and even 1x) and I get this error (please see attached 'ImgBurnError.jpg'). After that error appears, I get the following message on my screen (again, please see attached 'afterError_this.jpg'). What do those errors mean, please? I have tried to play the DVD (on a TV DVD player) and it stops for a second or two and then continues to play. So I retried it and, again, it stopped (but in a different place). It stops playing every few minutes or so. Is this 'stop start' related to the error messages that ImgBurn is offering me and how would I overcome it? Many thanks Blueie
  11. Many thanks for letting me know, Lightening. Appreciated. Blueie
  12. Hello I am trying to burn 6 small clips of 3 minutes each onto one DVD, but I am getting the error shown in the screenshot attached. How should I resolve that, please? Thanks. Blueie.
  13. Hello Many thanks to you both for your informative explanations - you have certainly saved me a lot of work - which I have saved. Thank you again. Blueie
  14. Hello I use Adobe Elements to edit amateur movies and need to burn them to DVD. These DVDs need to be playable on both computers and, most important, TV DVD players. What I would prefer to do is save these movies to my hard drive and then use ImgBurn to burn them to disk, rather than use Adobe Elements burning tool. However, I am unsure which icon to choose when I come across the initial interface (please see attached). Do I choose 'Write image file to disk'? I usually work with movies in Adobe Elements, save them as Quick Time .mov (or Windows .wmv files), and then burn them to disk. Many thanks. Blueie
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