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  1. This is the second time I've tried imgburn. The first time I tried it (about a year ago) it failed to carry out my wishes - though I don't recall it affecting my system as adversely as it did this time, so maybe version is relevant. That time I just went away and used something else. But I kept reading good reviews, so I tried again. My goal was/is to copy the first discs of my games so I didn't/don't have to scrape and slide the originals around, and possibly (likely) damage them. (I do think this is a requirement too far. I have bought the games and have legitimate serial numbers, and that should be good enough. Requiring the first disc to be in the drive is an excessive and unreasonable requirement.) So far I have been unsuccessful. Sadly, it failed again this time, as well. I chose to save a DVD to an image, using the icons, and it sent me directly to a burn screen (?) Baffled, I chose Read from the text menu; which is what I thought I wanted. After about half an hour of watching moving blue bars, I apparently managed to save an image, but not from a correct - save an image - choice; at least nothing that meant "save an image" to me - I know what "save" means, and I know what an image is. I then tried to copy that image to a disc - error messages appeared everywhere, following a humorous response telling me I should have chosen the *something extension* file not the one I did, but it will do it for me this time, though I mustn't do it again. I do like humour, it makes me laugh. Not really, not when nothing is working. Apparently the image was not of the type required - the program decided the type not me, so not my fault. Why did/does it save files of type not suitable for subsequent processing? I exited. Well, I tried to exit. My screen went barely transparent white and I got "... not responding" everywhere. After a loooong time of messing about and trying to End Processes all over the place, waaaaaiiiiiting for control to return to me, I managed to shut down. Switched on. It immediately hanged saying Windows Explorer "failed", (or similar). Rebooted. Long time to load, but eventually did. Ran Explorer. Same old "... not responding" and white screen. Eventually managed to reboot again. Immediately uninstalled imgburn, rebooted, and no problems since, as expected: I know my system. It, imgburn, doesn't work, for me. I am not here seeking help. I am dissing the program. It doesn't work, for me. Please note the "for me". I am not saying the program is crap, I'm simply saying that it doesn't work for me. I actually did want it to work. I offer the previous, and the following, for information only - I am not prepared to waste any more of my time, nor suffer lengthy, annoying hangs. Maybe something in my system specs will strike a chord. I do wish you well in your quest to make it work for everyone. System details: Windows 7 Home Premium X64. MSI motherboard. AMD Phenom II, 4 core. 4 Gb RAM 2 x DVD RW (LG and other) Dual boot, single disk, two partitions - 7(default) and XP. System is rock solid stable. No hangs ever in 3 years, and never a BSOD. Plays all games at full high spec - defaults offered by games. I hope you can sort it out. Some users seem quite fond of it. I'll try it again in a year's time. Best wishes. Me.
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