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  1. Issue at last resolved, it was most likely Hardware related (as indeed has been suggested by others). I've bought a new PC, now with Windows 8, creating so many problems I was nearly sorry I did that, but the good news: Burning goes well, also with the DVD disks I had bought before. Thanks for your help
  2. I'll try the software update, thanks. If it does not work; I'll consider getting a new drive on mobday. I have no clue as to "CMC"nor "MID" but my DVD+R is from Verbatim and the DVD+RW is from Philips.
  3. I have tried again and again. Now using DVD+RW, 1st letting ImgBurn do the formatting of the new disk and lastly by pre-formatting a new before using ImgBurn. In verifiaction errors are found typically Failed to Read Sector ...-Reason L-EC Uncorrectable Error Would this point to faulty DVD Drive? Thank you So Much in advance! Regards Rob Tausk ImgBurn (3) 23 Nov 2013.log
  4. Thanks for your response. Giving it many more trials, I think I have partly resolved the issues. Indeed, I tried making the DVD by using: "Create image file from Files/folders", whereas I now had part success using: "Write files/folder to disk". In most cases I could easily present the DVD which were burned to the removable disk on the PC (but the PC cab handle many formats and folder structures. In addition, I have now found I may have a problem with the DVD recorder of the TV, as some disks run like a clock, whereas others burned in an identical way are not presentable on the TV ("disk dirty"), but do run on the PC. The PAL configuration is correct for Holland. I'll just keep trying.
  5. Sorry, I'm totally new to this field. PC is Microsoft Vista. I had 2 video's and in order to make TV presentable DVD's I used Adobe Premiere Elements 10. Burning to DVD generally failed (Device Error Sense Code 37304, often reported in internet), failure especially after putting together the 2 video's, with minor editing and adding a menu. Then had Premiere burning "to folder 4.7 GB". Worked OK and got a Top folder on hard disk with sub folder "Open DVD" (with sub folder "Source" and sub sub "VTS_01_1_VOB") and "VIDEO_TS". Next problem: how to burn to DVD+R (Verbatim)? First tried Microsoft Media Player unsuccessfully (whether burning Top folder or the combination of Open DVD and VIDEO_TS). Subsequently, I tried various programs from Internet (but they came with most irritation additional software which weren't easy to get rid of. Lastly I tried ImgBurn, but again it seems to fail, that is the burning itself is OK I believe, but the TV says "Cannot play". I trust this is a trivial matter, not so to the uninitated person, I've by now waste 15 DVD, but haven't given up yet. In attachment 2 ImgBurn logs (one specific example of the trial with burning the 2 folders Open DVD and VIDEO_TS) and in the other a somewhat longer session log. I hope this info is clear, but I can try and supply additional info, but please try and avoid the computer jargon. Thanks in advance for your help Rob Tausk (The Netherlands) ImgBurn.log ImgBurn (2).log
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