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  1. ... aaaand it stoped working again (stuck 99%) ... *sigh* nothing make sense anymore .. already lost 7 CD's in the process of finding why the hell it worked smoothly that time ...
  2. oh i forgot to metion that i did firmware update to my drive & download it from this site : http://www.firmwarehq.com/Samsung/TS-L633A/files.html AS03 ...
  3. ..... OKAY ... thats weird , i'm gussing that you monitor users in order to fix there prob ... cuz just now JUST NOW ! i tried to burn again & it worked like magic knowing that i agreed to whatever there was to agree on before installing imgburn thats means my PC & all whats in it from data & PRIVET DATA you have it by know like an opened book IN EXCHINGE ! for your services & support ... pls proof me wrong GOD pls tell me that im wrong so i can sleep tonight ... at any rate thanks in advance edit #1 : wow ... fastes reply , thanks guys really edit #2 : yes acually i burn some ps2 games also without a prob ammm ... where's that exactly ? can you show me a captured pic ?
  4. yoh ... sup yup , the same good'ol prob again , tried 10x speed AWS still nothing i remember it was working perfectly before (in the old versions back then) as for now i have to reboot everytime i want to get my CD back it's like he's taking it a hostage or somthing ! & yes i went thruogh the guide , FAQ , google & imgburn support posts but didn't find the answer that fix the very problem ... i tried to do drive update but it's the latest & from alot threads related to my porb i understant that the issue is not with imgburn but the drive cuz imgburn still wating for it to give him the magic word & then 100% , eject & enjoy .... btw here's the log : CD type : SONY CD-R always been using it with no prob , but lately no so ... what do you think ?...
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