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  1. I guess we are going to at best have to agree to disagree. I downloaded latest ImgBurn direct from ImgBurn site. One file downloads. I ALWAYS run such downloads thru both Avira and Malawarebytes software. Malawarebytes declares the file as malware and offers to quarantine/delete it. If you follow Malawarebytes suggestion, you cannot install ImgBurn. The above is NO EXAGGERATION. Many people on these ImgBurn forums complain about this with workarounds that require one to very carefully read the installation screens, ignore grayed out options, and even uninstall shit that gets on your computer in spite of your due diligence to follow the install screens. Why in the world would ImgBurn put its users thru this? There has got to be a more friendly way, It is clear, to me, that ImgBurn reputation is damaged when Malawarebytes software labels the single download file as malware. If I were you, I would value all the posters here and elsewhere, that do not like this and FIX IT.
  2. Lightning UK! (admin) wrote>"... It even defaults to doing nothing with it (the checkbox isn't ticked) ..." I think Malwarebytes ALWAYS defaults this way. The user needs to check the box to quarantine/remove. ALWAYS. Whether the software labeled malware is an annoyance or pernicious, Malwarebytes required the user checking the box. When software is officially labeled malware by Malwarebytes, that software is not long for this world. Fix it! Please . I would urge all here, to let the Admin know we would really like them to find another way to get needed dollars that does not include Malwarebytes labeling their install package as "malware".
  3. Attached is the latest Malware Anti-Malware report for SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0 It is a shame that the wonderful effort which is ImgBurn, is now categorized as malware by the number one anti-malware product. I hope this is fixed soon. Attached is the Malaware report that says DO NOT INSTALL ImgBurn. Yes, I know there are ways to install by carefully avoiding the OpenCandy stuff, but the stench of ImgBurn being officially called malware by the very reputable Malware Anti-Malware product remains. Malawarebytes.txt
  4. Thanks for your response. PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program. While not usually dangerous or harmful. they are an UNWANTED annoyance. And the rather stealth way they get installed is an ANNOYANCE for me, and should be an EMBARASSMENT to ImgBurn. Get rid of your unfriendly, unwanted, deceptive, and rudely aggressive install wrapping. JMHO ... others can add their name to this thread.
  5. On Window 7 Prof 64-bit, I ran MalwareBytes on downloaded file, downloaded directly from ImgBurn website, before installing. MalwareBytes declares SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe as MALWARE, I allowed MalwareBytes to: (PUP.Optional.OpenCandy) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. MalwareBytes said I need to reboot my computer to complete remove the Malware, which I did. After rebooting, I cannot install ImgBurn ImgBurn 2.5.8, because the needed downloaded file is not longer there. Nor do I want to BECAUSE the good ImgBurn people have allowed their software to by so corrupted/adulterated/marketed in a manner that frustrates users that just want to install and use un-adultered, crapitized, freeware. Funny, I see a ImgBurn sponsored advertisement on top of this forum screen for malware removal software. Why or why has ImgBurn stooped to these shenanigans?? RIP ... ImgBurn Sorry.
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