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  1. Wasnt aware of the downloader Cynthia.It didnt show on me. Mirrors then guys: www.filedropper.com/imgburn2580clean www.files.com/shared/52a634a193493/ImgBurn. www.megafileupload.com/en/file/477090/ImgBurn-2-5-8-0-clean-7z.html You want to download a .7z or .rar archive of 3.19MB If that doesnt work I 'll host a torrent. /sc p.s. Everybody cant cp here or is it IE11 with my setup?
  2. The repack of the setup is perfectly clean. Contains only the official .exe's Tiny dl manager is from the hosting page, Did you click an ad link? Click on the file name to download, not on the banners. @Lightning Its a winrar sfx installer, u can check for yourself. Unless you mean that imgburn.exe itsself is the problem. /sc
  3. Generalised to work with Win7 x64 en Winrar sfx installer with official ImgBurn.exe & ImgBurnPreview.exe Installs @ \Program Files(x86) - uninstalls through Start Menu Crapware free Download here: http://speedy.sh/84T7J/ImgBurn. /sc
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