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  1. have a question,is it true that imgburn does not support making image from a mutisession disc?if so which software should be used to do that?
  2. so u mean i should let imgburn to choose the file extension for me rather than choose the file extension by myself ,as imgburn(with default settings) would always choose the right file extension for the disc i've inserted,right?
  3. so both "bin files" and "img files" should be used for making images from cds,while "iso files"should be used for making images from dvds/blue-rays/hddvds,and "wav files" should be used for making images from audio cds.am i right?
  4. thank u very much.now i fully undertsand that the choice "wav files" is also useful for making images from discs in some conditions.but how about the other 2 choices("img files",and "all files")?are these 2 choices also useful for making images from discs in some conditions?i have read a lot of posts in this forum,but never heard when to use these 2 choices for making images from discs.
  5. first,i am sorry for my poor english.let me make my question more clear,i asked u "are these 3 choices of file types absolutely of no use at all???",in fact i just want to mean "are these 3 choices of file types absolutely of no use at all to make images from discs???".for example,as u have mentioned that i can't save a image from a disc to a .wav file,this implys that the choice "wav files" should never be used for making images from discs.if the choice "wav files" would never be used for making images from discs,why it is still listed there for choice????????
  6. just found there are some words on the left button of the layout of imgburn "oompa loompa doompadee doo. ",what does this mean?it seems not like english.
  7. well,what u say now seems to be different from what i have read from LIGHTNING UK!'s post.have u ever read his post before???here is his post:http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/22285-are-these-2-formatsbin-and-img-suitable-for-making-images-for-all-kinds-of-discs/
  8. i just want to make a image file from a disc with imgburn.it asks me to choose the file type to keep the image file.there are 5 choices there:"iso files","img files","bin files","wav files",and "all files".i am not sure which one to choose.then i have read some posts in this forum,it is written ,"ImgBurn defaults to picking the right file type for the disc you've inserted when it automatically generates the destination file name".furthermore,it is also written,"if i want to choose the file types manually by myself,i should choose bin for cds and iso for all the others".from here,we can conclude that only these 2 choices("iso files" and "bin files") are useful,and all the other 3 choices("img files","wav files",and "all files") are absolutely of no use at all.so i 'd like to know what's the real use of these 3 choices("img files","wav files",and "all files"),and if these 3 choices are really of no use at all,why they are listed there for us to choose?
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