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  1. Do you want to say: Version 1 = 25GB Single layer disc. Version 2 = 25GB x2 Double layer disc. Version 3 = 20GB~ x3 Triple layer disc. Version 4 = 20-30GB~ x4 Quadruple layer disc. ???? Do not forget that version 1 of BD-RE was not computer compatible, so version 2 and later are for computer use. The same happens with BD-R, it has 3 versions, all for pc. So, will I be right if I say: For BD-RE: Version 2 = single layer disc Version 3 = dual layer disc Version 4 = multi-layered disc For BD-R: Version 1 = single layer disc Version 2 = dual layer disc Version 3 = multi-layered disc ??????????????? For BD-RE version 4 and BD-R version 3 things are easy, we have multi-layered discs (XL), as wikipedia mentions. But what is going on with BD-RE version 2 and 3 and BD-R version 1 and 2;
  2. Many programs like DVDInfoPro refer "Connection Interface" for every optical drive, and it has the value SCSI or ATAPI (IDE in some other programs). I also found this enumeration: enum Interface { SCSI, IDE, OTHER }; and I want to ask where is this enumeration used. I checked inquiry, checked page 2A but nothing found. Only feature 001h is using something like this enumeration but there the enumeration is different.
  3. What exactly your post means? You have a version 2 BD-RE DL disc but are all BD-RE DL discs version 2?
  4. I found this article in wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_Disc_recordable but I cannot understand, version 1 of BD-RE is single layer, version 2 is dual layer? Version 4 is definitely BD-RE X layer but the first 3 versions what type are they? In other words what version is BD-RE dual layer? Is it version 2 or 3? Single layer what version?
  5. Yes, just detection. Mode page 2A supports a large variety of features, like CD R/RW and DVD R/RW reading and writing. So, am I right to think that mode page 2D may have a package of features too including LabelFlash?
  6. I am interested in LabelFlash detection. Do you know how is it possible?
  7. I found this post: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/5895-lightscribe-labelflash/ In the last reply "mode page 2D" is mentioned for LabelFlash. What is the structure of mode page 2D? A google search turns back nothing.
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