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  1. I've deleted my post after 15 re-installs and everything upto the 15th re-install and test of this problem, on the 16th install the microsoft installer issue popped up right before installing imgburn, so it's not imgburn causing the issue even through 15 installs and tests said otherwise. Lightning has tested his app out by doing exactly what i've done and found no error so sorry guys, and girls. but after 15 re-installs and testing this issue and it happening every single time without fail, you can't say at all it was a rushed post or some kinda of hoax. i've been using nero, samsung link, camtasia Studio, Acronis and hard drive sent for what 8 years now? and never seen this problem when running the .msi installers. There's also a microsoft forum with people with this same bizare error no body knows how it happens or why, even microsoft tech can't answer either. do a google search for Microsoft Installer v5.01 you'll see what i mean. Anyway sorry lightning after all the testing i did when i found this installer error i thought i'd contact you directly just incase. anyway cheers laters.
  2. i'd rather the author read the email then reply himself to explain why it's not the best idea for me to bring the problem to the attention of every user using this software.
  3. Support@imgburn.com i've contacted you personally about this bug it's catasrophic i don't want to post about it on the forums as it's going to worry the hell out of everyone on windows 7 32bit. I was hoping to be-able to send a private message to Lightning UK about this but he doesn't have a PM button. Look for the email titled Serious Problem with image burn that effects every single 32bit user with proof please read. Can a admin contact him please and get him to look at the email i sent to support please it's very important!
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