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  1. I backup my (old) vinyl records to CD - they last longer. I do this by recording each side with Audacity, spliting into tracks, saving each as a WAV file, creating a CUE file and burning with ImgBurn. So far, so good. The problem comes with live albums where the tracks are continuous - no gaps. I've read in the forum that audio CDs are split into frames of approximately 1/75 second, and if ImgBurn is writing a track, it will pad with 0s to the end of the last frame, if necessary. So, even with pre-gap set to 0 seconds, there will be a silence of up to 1/75 second between tracks. Obvious answer is to make sure the tracks are integer multiples of the frame length. However, I can find no easy way of ensuring this with Audacity / ImgBurn. Whilst I realise this is not an ImgBurn issue per se, I am wondering if anyone has a simple method of doing this. Alternatively, a good start would be if someone could say how many (44,100Hz) samples there are in an audio CD frame, then I can probably manage it.
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