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  1. If that's the case, than how was mIRC, and dozens of ther installers able to get a different opencandy interface?
  2. I recently installed ImgBurn, and when Presented with the OpenCandy dialogs, I was presented with something like this, except with the Express (recommended) radio button selected, and the custom install dialog minimized. I've read multiple posts saying that you don't control that dialog, but if that's the case, than how can mIRC have a dialog that looks like this? notice the radio buttons, one for "install" and 1 for "don't install" notice the picture of the google chrome logo. It just looks more like a software suggestion Why do I see at least 20 different Open Candy interfaces on a google image search before I finally get to one that looks like yours? I think that most of the complaints would go away if you could get an interface more like mIRC's, or any number of other software installers. Is that possible?
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