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  1. hello LIGHTNING UK!thanks for your help. i went back to the dialog box window and realized i was trying to select a folder from the right hand pane. it works just fine if you use the left hand pane. ;-) i just checked out the advanced input method. i like the looks of that! thanks again lembu
  2. dont know if this is a "bug". i tried to burn a compilation of folders, when i couldnt i found out there is a separate button for that! ;-) using the correct button i went browsing for my folder. the only way i could select the folder was to click on it, which opened it. after backing out it would be highlighted and i could add it to the compilation. is this a shortcoming in your program or am i missing something? oh yeah, using win 8.1 with all updates. ImgBurn works excellently in all other areas and so far i am very happy with your program. if this continues for another week i will gladly make a donation. thanks lembu
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