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  1. I extend my apologies to LIGHTNING UK! whom I bothered with a PM. I did not see this section of the board, else I would not have bothered him. I received a PM notice but I never click any links in email so I typed in the url and logged in and so 0 PMs waiting. I will make the change in my profile so I too do not get bothered.
  2. Thanks. I looked at Burrrn but since it is still in beta, I passed on that. One of my computers runs an old version of EZCD when Adaptac owned the product. This has never failed me so I moved the files via flash drive to that computer and I burned 1 Christmas CD which played perfectly on a standalone CDplayer. I have a few more to burn.
  3. First let me say "Thank you, thank you, thank you" for creating a fool-proof program that burns my live linux distros without a hiccup! I searched the forum and found answers to two questions. First I discovered that this doesn't support burning audio files so I will look elsewhere for something as easy to use. Second, I discovered that I can use the build mode to burn a CD or DVD of image files. I did see that jpegs are supported. Can you tell me what other file types are supported? avi, bmp, gif, png, mov, tif???
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