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  1. Ran the cleaner and I don't see any defects. Tried again in a 3rd computer and got the same "Retry Failed - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error" message. Is that message solely indicative of a disk error or could that also be a data error? ie. Is it the disk for sure or could it be that I will get the same error with EVERY copy of that disk? Thanks for the the help. I am trying to back up a memorial disk of a lost love one. Jim
  2. Bummer! I don't think it's the drive as I tried it in 3 different drives. The looks scratch free, but I will run a cleaner over it again. It's strange because I have had some pretty banged up disks that ImgBurn had no issues with. I thought this might be something different.
  3. I have a DVD-R of which I am trying to create an image. It plays fine in a DVD player and on my pc. When trying to make the image, I keep getting unrecovered read errors I have tried this on 2 different drives in one pc and in a seperate drive in another PC. On the other computer I get a little different error... L-EC Uncorrectable Error Any clues? Jim
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