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  1. hi . I mean the disc is authentic and original DVD bought from somewhere official . I want to make it into ISO. I tried other discs. The DVD drive can play and create ISO for other discs correctly. it can also play THIS DVD correctly, but it just can't create ISO for this disc. I know there is always no single perfect answer. But what do you guess is the most probable reason for this situation? Thanks
  2. This is new, authentic disc, no dirt, no scratch and no defect on it. It could be played and watched correctly with default windows media play. There is no observable error during playback. I want to make it into ISO or other kind of image files so that I don't need to insert disc later. However, after hours of many try with ImgBurn, the problem remains. I feel so frustrated. I've also tried other burning programs but they all give similar error message. I've tried other DVD discs. They are without problems * Note the original disc is perfect, new and authentic. * I've visited the official website of my DVD drive (Asus). There is no such firmware to download. The following is the screen capture of the log of ImgBurn
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