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  1. How do I stop that from happening? To be exact it opens to Computer> HP Pravion(C:)> programData> Microsoft> Windos> Start Menu> Programs> Startup> ImgBurn I do not want Windows Explorer to open in any case. Especially ImgBurn. How does this happen, and how do I stop it from Happening?
  2. Well excuss me all to hell. Being new at using Imgburn. I did not know whom to contact. I will use the search forum. And the FAQ and Guides. Some of which I've already checked out. No harm in doing so again. Merry Christmas.
  3. I kept getting warnings, from my anti virus and or malware software. That there was malware installed in the ImgBurn download. And would keep removeing the download. Until I had to put it in exections to get it to install. Yet I am still conerned to I might have downloaded some form of tracker, spyware or pup type malware. Can anybody help me thru this?
  4. I am new to using ImgBurn recomended by another site. What I would like to do is put all 18 CDs containing an old recovery for Windows XP which I have upgraded to Windows 7. I am not really sure how to do that, and to make sure that all 18 are copied onto ImaBurn and will burn onto a USB Drive. So I can store the old CDs away. And use the Thumb Drive to boot the computer is needed. I lost a hard drive, and had to recover that computer a week or so ago. Just trying to make recovering a little less stressful. Can you help me understand how to do that proceedure if it is possible.
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