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  1. Since I cannot seem to reply to existing topics on the subject, I will start a new topic. When I went through the download process, I found that I had to be EXCEEDINGLY careful. If you choose "Express download (recommended)" it will install Conduit which, as far as I'm concerned, is a virus which takes over your computer and is very hard to get rid of. I also found Conduit in the Custom install options - you have to de-select the checkboxes manually. IMGBurn - I understand that you need to run a business and getting paid is important - we all need to get paid. But I consider Conduit to be ridiculous and evil. I have unknowingly downloaded Conduit with other software - I think their ethical practices suck, and it's too bad that you have partnered with them. I think it's incredibly sneaky how a user can easily miss the appropriate choices and mistakenly install a horrible program. If you want to be an ethical company (it seems this is the case from your responses to forum comments), please make it very obvious and fool-proof to choose not to install 3rd-party software. It would not matter if the software was easily removable and did not do any damage but this is not the case with Conduit. Please reconsider this offering. I would be so happy to support IMGBurn and recommend you to others if you were known for your accountability, transparency, and thoughtfulness for customers. Thank you.
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